Happy Mother's Day and Finding the Joy

Motherhood is a beautiful yet complex and challenging experience. It is not for the faint at heart. It is a constant walk in faith. As a young mother with dreams of my own and for my daughter as well,  I have always made a conscious effort to keep a little bit of myself for me, to maintain my individuality as a woman as well as Amira's Mommy. I know I'm not alone. Yes Mommie's it's ok to say it out loud.... You don't want to lose yourself. Amira and I recently had a photoshoot this weekend with Sophorn Kuoy along with 2 other amazing mothers and their adorable kids. I'll have to share the full story when it's out. But, I noticed something while hanging out with them. All of the mothers are pursuing their dreams and have their own identity outside of motherhood and are experiencing joy in both. So,  I wanted to share with you  ways to find joy in motherhood as well as how to maintain your own identity. 


You can't not expect to be the cookie cutter mom all of the time. Everything may not always be perfect. Your home may not always be immaculate. You may get thrown completely off schedule because the kid has other plans. It's ok. Breathe and move forward. 


I don't know who began telling mommies they have to shelve their dreams and wait until their kid finishes high school. It's totally unfair to you as a woman to feel as though you can't have it all. Yes you can... You can be CEO of your household as well as your own company. Always keep your eyes and heart open to following your dreams. A complete woman makes for a better mommy. 


Not like the crazy obsessed momager kind of live. Experience life through your child is what I mean. Color, jump off trampolines, make mud pies, play dress up, dance and anything else you can think of, live through your kids. It allows you to stay in tune with the essence of living. You will find that your soul will be happy and there's joy all around you. 


The saying it takes a village to raise a child is so so so true. Use your village to your advantage. Sharing the love of your children will give you time to yourself which is needed to feed your the sense of individuality needed. 


Kids are little bundles of energy conductors. They give off ginormous amount of love, creativity and energy that keeps you motivated. The more you give to them the more you receive back from them. Love on your children and watch how it motivates you to be a better mommy and woman. 

Motherhood is  a blessing. It's a special gift from God. It's an honor and a joy to nurture and raise another little human being. Cherish it and always find the joy in being someone's mommy.