BOOKED : Rachel Roy Design Design Your Life

When I tell you I love Rachel Roy, I love Rachel Roy. I was able to receive an advance copy of Design Your Life, I felt as if I finally have the opportunity to get in the mind of such a beautiful and creative soul.  I was elated! 


It is not a "secret to success" or entrepreneur's how to guide as I presumed it would be.  However, it is a beautifully illustrated style guide in which Rachel Roy shares her thought process and unique perspective for creating designs for the Rachel Roy woman. Design Your Life perfectly highlights how to create success through personal style and design the life you want for yourself.  


Page after page, you are inspired and empowered by the beautiful fashion illustrations and gain insight into the Rachel Roy design aesthetic. I love how she stylishly conveys her personal style and design ethos with-- the creation, inspiration, and philosophy in each chapter. 

Design Your Life reflects the angle of inspiring women to live up to their full potential and using a stylish presentation to express themselves. Being smart, fashionable, and having the courage to define and design your lifestyle with your personal style is an apparent message and tone in the book.  


Design Your Life is most certainly a great investment for your fashion and style book collection. The book highlights Rachel Roy's design approach and fashion philosophy of using fashion as a tool to go from looking great to becoming great. Who better to offer advice than the stylish and poised Rachel Roy who has years of experience as a fashion stylist and designer. Each chapter communicates a beautiful perspective of developing your signature personal style to design your lifestyle. Chapters such as Being the Well Dressed Guest & Dressing Up offers advice on a stylish presentation as a tool of empowerment and strength while Comfortably Cool & Runway Meets Real Life is the guide to using fashion to express yourself as an art form. 

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