The Weekend : 8 out of 52

Hey you guys! The weekend is here. I've never thanked god it's Friday because my days run together well I take that back. I don't have to get up and take Amira to school so I'm thankful. We don't well I don't sleep in but I'm still thankful. Anyhoo, this weekend will be a chillax/work/hangout type of weekend. 

.: CHILLAX :. 

This weekend is my first real and semi free weekend back in Memphis and it actually feels good. I had plans to drive to Atlanta but I'm rescheduling and taking flight mid week. Look, I am over hitting Highway 78 for a little while. I will indulge in a lot of food and giggles with my punkin and just chillax.

Last week, I went to the soft launch for the newly opened piece of heaven on earth called Scoops Parlor in downtown Memphis. Allow me to give you the preliminaries first... See I love crepes. Like addicted. Memphis had one crepe restaurant back in 2010 or 2011 that was delicious. They closed *INSERT FURIATED EMOJI*. When I saw the Facebook post of Scoops Parlor, *INSERT YUMMY TONGUE OUT EMOJI* I was happy again. I was in a rush opening night on a ballet break, ate my crepe in the car, and took some really quick pictures. Amira and I will be there this weekend, ready to enjoy crepes and gelato. I'll share my full post next week. 

I really want to take Amira to see STOMP this weekend since we aren't going to Atlanta. I've seen videos of the performance and I loved it. Hopefully, she wants to get a little taste of culture and live performance and not the kiddie chaos of Main Event. 

.: WORK :. 

I always have some type of work to do... always. This weekend, I have to wrap up looks for Memphis Fashion Week and also Noir Fashion Show. 

Look 5 is up next for finishing. Stoked to see these come to life. So so so so stoked. I can't believe how close the finished garments are to the sketches. YAY!! Oh and tickets are available now!!!!!!! I show along with some other talented emerging designers April 9th at Memphis College of Art. Did you feel how fast my heart started beating? I hope to see you all there!! 

I'll show a capsule collection at my friend Kim's fourth show, Noir, next weekend. Jasmine my assistant and I'll will wrap up looks for that Sunday. 

Hope you guys have a fullfilling weekend. Oh and I'll be looking for a new restaurant to have brunch this weekend. Over on Brunch and Sew, we'll start blogging about brunch spots very soon. Have fun you guys. 

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