Behind the Seams : Kim's Michael Costello Inspired Reception Look

In my time of creating custom pieces, 75% of my projects begin with an inspiration picture from a more well known, some people call them celebrity designer, or a big fashion house. I have a personal battle with it. I have to be honest. However, no matter my personal struggles with creating someone else's work or wondering if people come to me to get the dress "recreated" because it's cheaper, or if they really believe "I can slay any picture", I finish it thrilled like I completed a puzzle. The great Jean-Luc Gard said, “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.” I take all my pieces to a place in the corner of my heart with a feeling of accomplishment. Kim's reception dress Michael Costello Inspired Dress is no different. 

Kim recently said I DO, remember I took you Behind the Veil last week. I had the honor of creating a reception look for her big day. As you all know, the consultation phase begins with the question, "Do 

you have any inspiration pictures?" We discussed the look she was going for and we both agreed on the Michael Costello off the shoulder long fitted gown but of course in ivory. 

 I made a variation in the length that was different from the original dress. Designing reception looks, I always keep in mind the movement and activity of the bride. The reception is the opportunity for the bride and groom to really party, greet their guests, and enjoy themselves now as husband and wife. The dress was ivory and long so I know it would possibly get stepped on. Therefore, I shortened it a bit. 

I loved how Kim kept her accessories very simple. A jeweled shoe and a sexy garter to accentuate the split was all her look needed.