Thumbs Up Diner Atlanta

My back, back forth and forth relationship with Atlanta has started an intimate slow dance with food. With every 48-72 hour trip to Atlanta, it is absolute must I experience a new adventure, a new event and especially a new restaurant. Thumbs Up Diner was one of my favorite low key casual breakfast places while I lived there. With every visit my palate has a whole new experience that takes my love for the city deeper and deeper. 

My family and I normally visits the downtown location next to the Martin Luther King Historic District. This time, we stayed in the neighborhood, near my mom's place and the airport. That's what I love about Thumbs Up Diner. Thumbs Up Diner is step back in time, with a friendly modern diner that is a tribute to the American diner from days gone by. It is a neighborhood meeting place serving great food at reasonable prices with a friendly wait staff. Deco glass in the windows, a curved service counter and an intown address, It combines an urban ambience and friendly service for a relaxing breakfast and lunch experience. All of the locals and tourists alike loves the place-- you can always tell by the long but very fast moving waiting list. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Atlanta Food Blogger visits Thumbs Up Diner

Our friendly waiter came by and asked if we'd like to "start with something". Why of course, I warmed up with a sweet appetizer lol. Lou’s Coffee--Swiss Miss hot chocolate mixed with Coffee, topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. It was so so so good. I snapped a couple of pictures and shared on Instagram . I've tried relentlessly to replicate the hot and comforting beverage at home. 

My mom struggled making a final decision on what she would have because everything is so good. She went with shrimp and cheesy grits. I'm so glad she did. As I enjoyed sampling and photographing it. The shrimp was seasoned perfectly and not overcooked. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Atlanta Food Blogger visits Thumbs Up Diner 

I, well I, with THE SKILLET HEAP!!!!!!!!!! A skillet full of spuds, fresh-sliced potatoes grilled with onions, green peppers and  special seasonings topped with cheddar jack cheese and two eggs any style. TO---SAY----THIS---WAS----GOOD is an understatement. I purposely left some for leftovers. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Atlanta Food Blogger visits Thumbs Up Diner

If you are in the Atlanta area and haven't tried Thumbs Up Diner shame on you. Traveling to Atlanta and have a few hours to spare for breakfast, stop by.