Happy Holidays and Much Needed Downtime

Hey boos! I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa and a Happy New Year  from me here at Andrea Fenise Lifestyle Design Group. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger 

It’s been such an amazing year with lots of ups and hey praises and thanks to the angels for not too many downs. It’s so incredible to be able to connect with all of you every day, and I want to thank you for taking the time to drop by and read my posts and share in the creativity. I hope in even a small way I have inspired you with the my posts and ideas I  share! I pray your holiday season is full of love, happiness, laughter, joy, eating and overeating. I hope that through whatever you have experienced your heart is grateful for what we have for in this life we take the bitter with the sweet. 

In the last few days left in this year, I am taking a little much needed downtime to prepare for what I feel will be a shifting year. In the past, I have worked my fingers and mind to the bone working and working and working.  And, if I can be transparent, I wore that commitment to my workload and business as a secret badge of honor,  feeling that it was a must for this type of career. You know in this time it is honorable to be "busy". This holiday season, I did the unimaginable---I left my machines behind so that I couldn't work. I made a profound realization that  there is absolutely nothing cool or commendable about being a workaholic . This year over time I discovered clearing my schedule and balancing my time may be exactly what I needed to shift.  I’ve done my best to clear the schedule for the next week, which will be a huge step. 

As a blogger or a creative, or anyone who works for themselves really, you know that the work very rarely stops. So do we just roll with that? Or do we push back and carve out some time to disconnect? I'm getting to a point where I value downtime especially digital downtime and disconnecting. I'd like to share with you a few lifestyle modifications I am making over the holiday season that I hopefully keep through out the remainder of the year to be able to completely take off and create downtime. 


+ Prepare!

All of my companies and projects are undergoing a complete rebranding that I plan to launch into 2 0 1 7. Therefore, I have a few days to go until I have to log off. Just like myself, you’ve still got a few days to batch out your posts and other bits of workload so that you can free some time to relax. Work on a very tight undistracted schedule to get everything in go and ready to release so you can walk out of the office now and back into it in the beginning of the year ---READY. 

+   Out Of Office

The Automatic Reply and Do Not Disturb will be your best girlfriends during this time. Set up an automatic reply stating you will be out of the office until MO-DAY-YR  so people know you wont be replying so quickly. Chances are if you work for yourself you don’t use it much, or at all in fact. But you girlfriend you absolutely should. Let me tell you a secret--- You’re not a failure,  just because you admit you want to take a moment to yourself. Tell your clients in a company email that you will on holiday vacation, just as they are, and any pressing issues can wait. They won't die! I promise. 

+ Artist's Day Every Day

The holiday season downtime is prime time to explore your city as a tourist. Even better if you have traveled to visit family to explore a new city. Plan one easy creative activities a day like a new museum, new restaurant, a new activity, something. Rather stay in, stay in and create something. I'm pretty sure that new recipe you found on Yummly would be perfect. Craft something fun with the kids. Anything.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger Holiday Downtime Ideas 

I’m off to have a little blog break, so I’ll see you guys  in a week or so! I’m looking forward to creating more amazing content, new projects and series with and for you guys in 2017. Be inspired and creative! And if you feel like browsing through the site in your dowtime, I loved this post, this one, this post, and this one too! oh wait.... this one, this one, this one, this one, one more

Lots of love and laughter, good design and amazing food, Andrea Fenise