BOOKED : Afro Vegan by Bryant Terry

We share so much of ourselves on social media now. What we did when we woke up, our kids progress in ballet, what we wear, what's on our mind and the list can go on and on. Often times, I struggle with how much I share and if their is a real rhyme or reason to being transparent. I ask myself "Does anybody even care I mean really"? Then here comes a little voice that whispers YES. Your posts are being heard loud and clear. Clear enough for one of your followers to gift you a book simply because she saw you post How bad you wanted Afro Vegan by Bryant Terry.

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Browsing through Booksellers at Laurelwood, I stumbled upon Afro-Vegan by Bryant Terry in the cookbook section. I clutched my pearl-less neck wishing I hadn't gone over my book budget for the week. I wanted so badly to take home this cookbook filled with so many enticing vegan recipes with soul. The layout of the cookbook had me craving more. With every recipe, you get beautiful images, a backstory of the recipe and a soundtrack that sets the ambiance for the dish. DOPE HUH?!  Well two days later, the universe and Kasey showered me with a gift. 

Andrea Fenise Afro Vegan by Bryant Terry 

I did my due diligence by making use of the cookbook. The Zaatar Red Potaoes was the first recipe. The number of ingredients needed were minimal with the exception of the Zaatar but I knew where I could find it. The Mediterranian Grocery Store on Park would be my source for this Middle Eastern herb and spice mixture. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Food Blogger reviews Bryant Terry's Za'tar Red Potatoes

Simple really isn't the best adjective to describe how easy it was to prepare the recipe. The first bite was heavenly. I tried something completely new with the Zaatar seasoning. It is definitely delicious! I will do more culinary research on using the herb as well as I'm pretty sure it would be great on other foods.  Afro-Vegan is one of those cookbooks you need if you are transitioning into a vegetarian / vegan lifestyle. The recipes are prepared with soul in mind and not compromising the taste because of a healthy perspective. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Food Blogger reviews Bryant Terry's Za'tar Red Potatoes