Many of my memories are based around time spent with family. I grew up with a pretty close family and never really realized how blessed I was until I didn't have many of those people around anymore or when things shifted. Every Thanksgiving well every holiday was spent at my family's house, my mom I would like to see was the matriarch of the family or the connector because she was the cook lol. Every year as a family, tradition was,  we would go around the table and say what we are thankful for. As my digital family I'd like to share ONE thing I'm thankful for so here it is goes.... 

I'm T H A N K F U L for....


I had plans to fly down to Atlanta to spend time with my mom and brother but I had a little piece of me that wanted to start my own traditions with Amira here in the comfort of my own home. Often times because it's just Amira and I, I fail to realize we are indeed a little bitty family. The past few years, I've blended in to certain situations to make others feel comfortable. Not realizing,  I was left feeling un-comfortable. I couldn't do it this year. This year, I vowed to make traditions and create memories that I wanted to see, that would make me happy. What makes me happy is the maternal relationship I have with Amira. The memories that I create with her, the dancing and singing we do in the mirror together, going to the movies Thanksgiving night together. It may not be "traditional" but "it's our tradition". 

So, I prepared a little dinner for Amira and I of some of the foods I love and remember my mother cooking. Being thankful she is still alive and well, I called her non stop asking how to cook her banana pudding and we started a little girl talk. She expressed being proud of me for having the courage to "do my own thing" and not compromise my peace of mind. She knows the things I desire and deserve, as every mother does. As we spoke, she started speaking certain things into existence for me and my future. My mother doesn't realize her gift of prophecy and manifestation, an entirely seperate post.

However, I realized I would start a new tradition and call THANKSGIVING in my house from this day forward--- HAPPY MANIFESTATION DAY in celebration of REAPING WHAT YOU SOW. Not deviating from what Thanksgiving's origin is -- whole 'nother subject too but that can be for later. 

This time last year, I was not receiving any of the things I truly desired in my life. I knew it was all because of me. I wasn't sowing into the universe actions or words or thoughts that aligned with my desires. So I began making changes, I wanted to get some people out of my life in the capacity they were in.  I wanted to seek joy. I wanted to do things the way I wanted. I wanted to eliminate people's access in my life. I wanted to really have the desires of MY heart. So I began S O W I N G little actions into the universe---I'm  R E A P I N G the harvest now.

Now from this day forward I will celebrate in being who I am--- who I desire to be and that's manifestation. 

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