Why I Started Doing Tarot Readings Myself

The most powerful sources of information come from within. I've repeated this to myself over and over and over again for the past 3 years. 2012, I began to notice a change within myself literally. I started getting twitches in my eyes and my head and numbing of my fingers. I had no clue what it was and then I got very still and quiet and heard a voice say it was the beginning of transformation and ascension for my spiritual self. A few months later, I had a dream my dad would pass, it happened the next day, and then I knew all of the feelings I felt were real and that my higher self was beginning a transformation. 

Now years later, after a wild ride, of an intense, confusing, yet abundant cycle. I AM HERE! I have gone through so much "soul growth" and released so much of what no longer serves it's purpose for my higher self. I have been prepared for this moment. Transformation! Transformation brings a new beginning as I start a new year-- 2017--which is year 1. Year 1 is the year of initiation, action, fresh starts, and evolution. 

This past weekend, I begin to get the twitching feeling again. I didn't ignore it this time. I knew what it was. I got still again. Opened my ears, my heart and my eyes to every single thing around me. I knew the moon's illumination during my travels to Atlanta should not be ignored, the number 3.22 every where, Trump's presidency,  even a little bird Amira and I noticed as we waited on Uber that we've never noticed in the area before. It was a messenger of change. I charged my tarot cards under the supermoon and did a reading on myself.  

What I've realized as I do my own tarot readings are three things

1. The most powerful sources of information come from within. 

Often times, we seek advice from so many other people or sources but the information, the guides, and the next move is already within. We just ignore it or are so programmed to ask other's for advice. We should know ourselves better than anyone else. If not, it's time to begin spiritual work on yourself to begin the process of knowing YOU. 

2. You have control to bring more intuition, inspiration and flow into your days, and ultimately create a life you desire. 

Tarot cards give you a spiritual guide to navigate through your day aware of both the positive and negative aspects of yourself that you need to keep working on both positively and negatively. 

3. Developing yourself spiritually should be a priority daily. 

We neglect ourselves everyday. We never take time to face ourselves, look in the mirror and nurture ourselves spiritually. As I do spiritual work daily, whether it's meditation, blessing of my head, or tarot reading, I have learned, it's was a slow lesson, that divination tools like tarot cards help me to set my intention on the things I want. I am far more clearer on about the choices that are open to me and more in tune into how to navigate and design my own life.