Gathering for Inspiration at the Farmhouse Table

The farmhouse table used to serve a primary purpose of work space in farms. Now---they are getting used for more than just function. The farmhouse table is now the central spot for gathering, eating, and socializing in today's modern kitchen and dining room. 

Modern Farmhouse Table for dining

What I love the most about farmhouse tables are the decor options. You can take decor any direction your design taste desires or your gathering calls for. A simple floral or fresh vegetable arrangement from your garden or say--the farm-- works really well as the main focal point, use plants or printed and fun dishware to style your table works as well. 

Modern Farmhouse Table

Next what I absolutely love about choosing a farmhouse table are the options to really have fun with seating. Everyone loves the idea of having as many people around the table as possible, the more the merrier. Acrylic chairs from say Ikea, vintage chairs painted in several different colorways using a color palette of the kitchen or art pieces in the home or go industrial with steel restaurant grade chairs. 


Farmhouse tables are a definite furniture investment piece that will reward you socially with a return on your investment. Passing fullfiling and nurturing food around your table is a memory to savor forever.