Planting Seeds with your Kids

You guys it is seriously Fall Break already for the kids? I just walked Amira into her first day of second grade like a week ago c'mon? The kids are on fall break here in Memphis.  Being a work at home mother, I have to be very creative in my attempts of keeping Amira from saying the infamous " Mommy I'm bored". Planning a list of DIY craft projects, scheduling time to walk away from my work and play a little, and continue learning has been at the top of my things to do list. I thought it would be nice to involve her in one of my side projects and personal development to do's,  gardening. 

Kids Gardening Activities 

There are so many reasons why gardening is beneficial to you as an adult and also for children. Gardening is great for your overall health. You get fresh food right at your doorsteps that you know have been grown with love, without harmful chemicals and the most local you can get. I wanted to take the time and get Amira out in nature and learning the act of patience and faith,  nurturing and starting a journey of seeing the fruits of her labor. Gardening is the perfect activity to do alongside your children as both of you learn from a very soothing experience. 

Kids Gardening Activities 

I chose spinach and lavender to plant. Spinach can be planted late in the fall and is a pretty hearty vegetable. Lavender, well it's for me. I am experimenting with growing herbs to make my own essential oils and home fragrances. I thought it would be a great plant for Amira to a vegetable she could eat and a herb to enjoy for cosmetic properties. 


Have you all started a garden before? Do you plan to garden?