How to Use Pinterest to Create Better Outfit Looks

Everywhere on social media everyone is proclaiming this is their year.. SWEET 16! I have to say it does feel like a magical year. The new calendar year gives many people hopes of recreating or transforming themselves into someone new. Hence, New Year... New You! I think it's perfect. What better way to present a New You than your presentation. All month long I will share ways to make this the Year of Becoming A New You, starting with your wardrobe or your "presentation". 

The first thing to do is to make Pinterest as accessible as possible for when you’re getting ready, and for me that means putting it on my phone. The app is really easy to use, and this makes it super handy!

The next step is to create a style board on your Pinterest profile, a place to store everything you see that inspires your outfits. Keep this separate from any other fashion board you have where you include other inspiration, just focusing this one on outfits you would wear. You can check out my style board here – chances are you’ll see me decked out in a few of those outfits soon!

When you’re adding images to your board, try to make sure the outfits are reflecting items that you actually own – a striped top for example or a khaki jacket. Look for various interesting and inventive ways to wear these pieces and pin them. Using pieces you already own maximizes your looks and you will find you have more options than you knew. 

You also don’t have to copy exactly what you see on your Pinterest board, the outfits are there as inspiration. So don’t be put off if you don’t have all the pieces, just adapt what you see. Here’s an IRL example: I loved this outfit and filed it away on my style board.

One day I was dressing to go to Amira's ballet practice and it was the same story.  I literally only had ten minutes to get dressed (late as usual!) and took one of those minutes to peek at my style board. Instead of trying on 15 outfits and being late, I saw this photo and then pretty much straight away put together the outfit you see below. 

You want your board to reflect outfits that suit the things you need to do and the places you like to Go, but also try to build your style  with this process by thinking about different ways you could wear the pieces you own, or different outfit structures you could start wearing.

Finally, use your pins on your style board to help inspire your next purchase – if you see a piece cropping up over and over on your board but you don’t have it – say the perfect LBD or a blazer – add it to your list and know when you buy it you’ll have a gazillion ways to wear it!