AFLD | We're Hiring!

After years of managing multiple projects alone or with the gracious help of my friends, it is now time to open up the studio doors and hire a team. I have been blessed enough to see many of my ideas come to fruition and grow into their own brands. AFLD is now a growing fashion and lifestyle design studio with subsidary brands and companies under it. We all know there is no "I" in team so I'm looking for talented, innovative, creative, kick butt (sorry for the lingo) self starters to join the team. 

Seeds were planted in my beloved Memphis and that's we're we are looking to see growth. We'd like to set the tone for our hopes and dreams to come to life right where it all started. 

Would you like to play with us ... no I mean work with us?! Browse our Jobs page and if you have the qualifications and experience I'd love to meet you and see if you are the right fit for the company.