Trend : Sequin Shorts

Hmmmmm if you don't see my obsession with sequin, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I love sequin anything, maxi skirts, body con dresses, blazers, and we can't forget sequin shorts. Here's some inspiration on the very cool trend... sequin shorts. 

I fell in love with these sequin shorts I made for my bridal client for a bachelorette party in Vegas. How appropriate huh? Now I am on a roll and inspired to share the good news of the stylish trend. 

Styling options are beyond endless. Of course, the shorts will speak volumes all by itself so leave your other pieces pretty sleek and simple. I love pairing sequin shorts with a really soft fabric like chiffon or silk. The mix of fabric textures are very complimentary. 

Transitioning from season to season is pretty seamless with sequin shorts Spring and summer cocktail and rooftop parties call for a stylish appearance of sequin shorts. Those holiday parties?! Pair a simple blazer with sequin shorts and tights and watch how many of your coworkers give you a wanted compliment. 

Want to indulge in the trend of sequin? Our gorgeous shorts are well made and will definitely have you shining your light.