BOOKED : Memos The Vogue Years | Diana Vreeland

I have to admit I am utterly obsessed with a lot of things. One being books, two being fashion books, three being iconic women in fashion, four Diana Vreeland. Elated doesn't really describe how I felt when I unwrapped my birthday gift a few weeks back.  I peeled back the paper and saw the title of my new coffee table book and could not stop smiling. 


Mrs. Vreeland was and still is an icon in fashion. Memos The Vogue Years Diana Vreeland is an inside look into the editor’s tenure at Vogue magazine from 1962 to 1971.  "She is responsible for launching many iconic careers, establishing countless trends that have stood the test of time, and bringing an unprecedented and incontrovertible perspective to the fashion world that has scarcely been seen since." Though she rarely held meetings, Vreeland was in constant communication with her staff and photographers through letters, typed out on carbon and onionskin paper to make copies. 

Assembled in the gorgeous fashion photography book are pages after pages of memos written by Diana Vreeland to her staff that communicate and visually direct her vision. While reading, I couldn't help but to laugh at her sense of humor and be so inspired by her discerning eye and ability to curate visual images. The Eye Has to Travel, documentary about the life of Mrs. Vreeland,  gave me the preliminary introduction to her genius but having the memos makes me feel like I am in the office of Vogue with her. It's like hands on learning from a pioneer. 

Memos is the perfect gift for any fashion obsessed geek like myself. The memos are just as relevant today as they were decades ago.