How To Plan A Creative Sabbatical

I know for the last few months talked to my friends and creative partner  about creating and designing working I love. I realized that for the past couple of years I have been creating what others wanted to see and lost sight  on creating projects that I was really enthusiastic about.  After whining and venting for months I came up with an the idea of having a month long creative sabbatical. While in the process of planning it and I’m going to share some ideas and plans on creating your own creative sabbatical. 

First let's talk the concept and definition of sabbatical. Sabbatical or a sabbatical is a rest from work, or a break, often lasting from two months to a year. The concept of sabbatical is a commandment to desist from working the fields in the seventh year. In the strict sense, therefore, a sabbatical lasts a year.Let's be very realistic well in my world at least, I can't afford that much time off.  However, I must take time off to clear my head and stay focused on the main goal of the sabbatical which is to find creative inspiration and focus on a creative goal


You need to take a breather, step back and focus on doing something for you. Remember this break is for you. Figure out how much time you need. Some of you may have a few months, some a month, and others like me can only dedicate one day a week for a month. Set aside that time whether it is one day a week or month and stick to it. 


Growth as a creative comes when you stretch and challenge yourself to learn something new. You may want to learn a new skillset to add value to your business or your personal growth. There may be a collection (ahem) you have sketched out a million times over that you finally want to bring into fruition. Pick a project and learn everything you need to bring it to life. 


I say thing all of the time...Inspiration is everywhere. As many of you know, I am now in a new city and my heart and eyes are just overwhelmed with inspiration. Plan to not plan finding inspiration. Be a tourist in your city or travel to someone else's. You are sure to see something along the way to help you feel revitalized on your sabbatical. 




I plan to take a two month sabbatical using two days a week as my days "off" to work on my own creative project. I have made five goals or "things to do" while on my sabbatical. 

  • Complete sketches for my first collection
  • Construct samples for all of my looks
  • Learn graphic skills and other design elements for a lookbook for my collection
  • Find a new mentor in my industry and business industry
  • Meet other creative entrepreneurs in my industry

I am really looking forward to my creative sabbatical. Any of you I dire need of some time off to work on a creative project? How would you plan your sabbatical?