Think Like A Man : 5 Men Blogs I Love

I'm a girl Damon LOL *slapping my knee* So sorry if you don't get the joke. Anyhoo, I am a woman, all woman. I know it may seem a little weird but I love men style blogs. There is nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, sexier or more inspiring than a well dressed man who loves a well designed lifestyle. I've kept my eyes open and on, in more than one way,  3 of my favorite men bloggers. Get your minds out of the gutter ladies. I'm using some of the most stylish men on the web as a source of inspiration in designing my new collection. Seriously, here are 5 of my favorite style bloggers who happen to have a whole lot of testosterone. 


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Discovering Marcus Troy's blog from the Style section of New York Times almost 4 years ago literally changed the way I approached my work and my life. Marcus Troy, the curator, clearly defines what he does for a living. HE LIVES FOR A LIVING. "Being one of the first taste makers to ignite the blogging boom of the early 2000′s, the avid traveler, connector and cultural explorer notably carved out a lane of his own. His distinctive taste and innate instinct for identifying future trends in fashion and tech quickly positioned his platform as the preeminent source for menswear, style and sophisticated street culture." said Julian Mitchell for Forbes. 

There is something about an Italian man... Matthew Zorpas completes every thought. He also through visuals and creative content portrays, what a gentleman embodies in our time and culture. The Gentleman Blogger is a platform for men that inspires every gentleman and sometimes gentlewoman lol  to visit places that they haven’t been before, to taste something different or wear something that they never had the courage to wear. 

 2013 Nike Black History Brooklyn

"Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are the faces and voices behind the popular men's lifestyle website turned Creative Agency Street Etiquette.  Founded in 2008, Street Etiquette showcases style using a cultural, historical and urban perspective. With sartorial influences stretching from all parts of the world and eras, Street Etiquette has managed to assemble a truly unique view of fashionable menswear and story-telling.

Among other accolades, Street Etiquette has been featured in magazines such as GQ, Complex, Essence and Fantastic Man. The New York Times published an article, “ Serious About Cool” that told the story of Street Etiquette’s cultural success and the duo that founded it. As a multi-disciplinary agency they are now building a strong client base with clients such as Adidas, Starbucks and the U.S Open."

Yes I  took the initiative to just copy and paste their bio.  I had to do the guys who have been a major influence in the way I perceive style and how to tell it's story in an artistic and cultural way due diligence. Watching Slumflower was the catalyst to learn how to use a multi disciplinary approach to storytelling in fashion. 

Do you guys have any men style bloggers you love? You have major crushes on? Please share them.