Change of Address : Expanding AFLD

I’m ecstatic to let you in on something that’s been on the boil for a while now – Andrea Fenise Lifestyle Design Group has expanded into Atlanta. My team and I have decided to take a leap and execute a change of address or rather add an address.  We saw a whoooolllleee lotta of opportunities to expand into a market in which we have not tapped all the while  continue to grow in Memphis. 

We’ve been busy planning continued growth in our Memphis studio as well as putting the pedal to the metal in Atlanta. I’m pretty lucky to have an amazing team who sees a bright future ahead in two cities. Having  an opportunity to watch the seeds I've sewn in Memphis harvest and sprinkle new seeds in Atlanta is exhilarating. 

We began sowing seeds in Memphis in what feels like so long ago, in 2009. My brand has evolved in so many ways from styling, owning a online shop , lifestyle designing, and now designing. After falling in love with so many aspects of the fashion and lifestyle industry, I can say I have found my love. 

The AFLD team has a special place reserved in our hearts for working with bridal clients in Memphis. So we will continue to work with bridal clients that are currently in our project que as well as take on new brides who want to Go Behind the Veil. We've watched with bright eyes how fast our brand has grown by working with brides and want to continue to watch those seeds harvest. It's with sad news we aren't able to take on many custom clients, I know I know, We just feel we're on to a good thing with bridal and want to give it our full attention. 

Jasmine, my talented and hardworking assistant will manage AFLD Memphis to help with fittings, consultations, meetings and all of the behind the scenes work. I will plant new seeds and work AFLD Atlanta & Memphis.  I'm over the moon excited to share with Atlanta all of my optimistic plans to launch my bridal collection,  bring Brunch and Sew Atlanta and what ever else is out there for me to experience professionally.As far as my first love Memphis, of course, I'm coming back home to manage fittings, host Brunch and Sew, experience industry events and more. 

I'm seriously so excited to see all of my dreams  come to life.  There are so many plans ahead for my personal brand as well as AFLD. I never could have imagined I would ever be able to say I have my companies anchored in two cities. But guess what I do!!! 

Here's to a bright future ahead in both Memphis and Atlanta. Atlanta we're sooooooooooooo ecstatic to bring our first event to you!!! 

Here's to a bright future ahead in both Memphis and Atlanta.