Inspiration : Wolfgang and Rose

When I was working a job Monday was by far the worst day of the week. I dreaded ending a no rule weekend full of fun for a long and drawn out day back in the pharmacy. Now as a creative entrepreneur who makes my own rules, Monday's aren't so bad at all. One of my rules thanks to Pinterest is to take time every Monday to get inspired. I browsed through Pinterest during a very uninspiring time of my work life to simply get inspired again and found a gem. 

Who would have thought  adapting a minor change into my weekly work schedule like using 1.5 hours every Monday to look for creative inspiration would open me up. Creatively!!!!!!! 

This Monday.... I found love, inspiration and a lesson in the process of design inspiration and more. 

While on a trip to Atlanta, my beau and I stopped for pizza and came across a magazine for women with the coolest fashion illustration I've ever laid my eyes on. Read the article about Wolfgang and Rose and visited the site. And... just like that I became obsessed and totally inspired. 

What inspired me the most about Wolfgang and Rose is her process of inspiration and tutorials. Often times creatives don't share the process of inspiration yet it is to me the most intriquing. 

I will do you a favor and myself one and not share all of her work lol. Go visit her site if you love art, illustration, cool mommies, and such. Here's to a great work week full of creativity and inspiration.