#SHOWYOURWORK : Cut Out for This

It's pretty clear I really am cut out for this. The fashion and design industry that is. Remember when I posted about my weekly design challenges I give myself back in February.  I created a challenge in which I had "to put a fresh spin on an old design and use cutouts. Bodycon dresses are simple and I can make and design those in my sleep. I wanted to play with angles and a cutout. After a little brainstorming, I came up with a design that I was uberly excited to make. Is "uberly" a word?!"


Well look what I found while browsing on my phone yesterday morning. The prominent design aspect...THE CUTOUT. Eva Longoria wore this black cutout dress by Atelier Versace 2015 during Cannes Film Festival yesterday. 


I mean I'm not designing for Atelier Versace yet lol. However, to see that I am really designing pieces ahead of my time and myself feels rather rewarding. 

If you'd like to get this Atelier Versace & the Eva Longoria look, I have it available in my design studio. I will offer you ladybugs the sexy Eva Longoria with a long dress if you want it or the short number too. 



Andrea FeniseComment