How to Use Pinterest to Design Your Creative Workspace

When it comes to decorating and designing my work space, for me it’s all about efficiency but I want to maintain "pretty" - working out how to design my space that will produce productivity but keep my design aesthetic is important.   I thought I would share a little trick  I've been using recently to help me decorate my new studio, and that’s Pinterest. Yes it’s a great way to plan your baby shower, and yes it’s how I find that cute skirt to buy. But did you know that when organized and used properly, it can act as a functional design resource.  Read on to see how.


+ Get Pinterest on your phone
The first thing to do is to make Pinterest as accessible as possible for when you’re laying out your design plan, and for me that means putting it on my phone. The app is really easy to use, and this makes it super handy!

+ Create a creative work space board
The next step is to create a work space board on your Pinterest profile, a place to store everything you see that inspires your studio or office. Keep this separate from any other  board you have where you include other inspiration, just focusing this one on organization and design ideas.  You can check out my creative work space board here – chances are pretty soon (vlog coming soon) you’ll see my space all decorated. 


+ Reflect pieces that you own
When you’re adding images to your board, try to make sure the looks are reflecting items that you actually own – clipboards and storage folders for example. Look for various ways to rework those items and pin them.

+ Adapt what you see
You also don’t have to copy exactly what you see on your Pinterest board, the pictures are there as inspiration. So don’t be discouraged  if you don’t have all the pieces, just adapt what you see. 

+ Try to build your style
You want your board to reflect your design aesthetic that suit the things you need to do and reflect your style. Try to build your style  with this process by thinking about different ways you could layout your room  or different furniture pieces and workflow ideas. 

+ Create a shopping list
Finally, use your research on your work space board to help inspire smart shopping choices – if you see a desk or – say the perfect cork board for pinning  – add it to your list and know when you buy it you’ll have a few ways to use it in your space.  This makes for a much happier and productive studio. 

So that’s my little trick guys, and it’s come in handy recently, while I've been mapping out how I will design the new studio.  Here’s to happy pinning!