Style Inspiration : The Style of the Soul Era

We're getting closer and closer to Macy's The Style of the Soul Era event celebrating Black History Month in style. I will be hosting the event as well as styling looks for the fashion show. If you have followed me for a while you know I began my career as a fashion stylist. So, I'm happy to pull out my stylist kit and style looks from the best fashion decade by far...the 60s and 70s. 

Andrea-Fenise-The-Style of the-Soul-Era-Macys

Working in the fashion industry as a stylist, I know the importance of planning looks.Whether you are  planning looks for an event, appearance, or just your day to day wardrobe the first thing you need to do is a create a visual concept. Ask yourself what look are you going for?!

Inspiration is around everywhere you look. The secret is to keep your eyes open to everything around you. Fashion, art, music, nature, history, pop culture, name's there. You can either be creative and come up with a concept all of your own or reference your look. I'm sure you've heard a stylist during red carpet interviews and such say "Oh I was having a Lauren Bacall moment from How to Marry A Millionaire" or "It feels very Foxy Cleopatra-ish". Referencing is the idea of citing your "source" or knowing where something comes from. In the fashion world, it's giving a nod to an era, or style icon, or a moment. 

So, it's not hard to figure out that during the Macy's The Style of the Soul Era, there will be overload of 60's and 70's style referencing during the fashion show and of course I'm referencing honey. I'm going Diana Ross. Diana Ross 70's glamour! 

Andrea-Fenise-Macys-The-Style of the-Soul-Era

Diana Ross was and still is the epitome of style and glamour in the 70s. Her iconic maxi dresses with gorgeous furs , jewels and voluminous hair was EVERYTHING. It was quite the opposite of the bohemian hippie 70s fashion. 

Of course, I'm going Diana Ross in my look!! Here's a sneak peek into the dress I'm making (gasps) 

I'm so excited to host the event and I can't wait to show you all my dress as I bask in my Diana Ross moment. Hope to see you there!!!! 



OH BEFORE I FORGET!!!! Macy's is celebrating Black History Month all day this upcoming Saturday. They are hosting an exclusive MEET THE EXPERTS COSMETICS EVENT. You will start your day with leading experts in cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance. Each cosmetic brand will give you insider tips and lessons in makeup and how to best use their products. Guests will enjoy a light breakfast, music, and giveaways. 

I have partnered with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and their expert makeup artist Meosha to host a giveaway to the event. Here are the rules to win a free ticket and a gift card towards product...

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