Macy's The Style of the Soul Era x Andrea Fenise

Now you all should know if there was ever the possibility of going back in time, which decade I would glide on into it. No doubt about it, it would be the 70s baby!!  The fashion and all of it's glamour and funk. The music with all of it's soul.'s The Soul Era!

So, when Macy's reached out to me to host The Black History Month The Style of the Soul Era event, I said "I can dig it baby"  (in my head lol, I kept it professional). Right up my alley!


So I need you all to do me a solid ( 70's slang for do me a favor ) groove on down to Macy's February 28th  at Macy's Oak Court and enjoy a shopping party with looks styled by me. You know I'm going to keep it all the way funky with sequin, furs, and glamour the only way I know how to do 70's style. Makeup experiences like no other and so much more. 

Rock out and groove to the infamous Stax Music Academy. No other explanation needed..right?! I mean we mastered 70's music right here in Memphis. You know soul is all in the heart and tummy for me. Experience delicious treats from Dindle's Soul Food Restaurant. 


Macy's Oak Court | 4545 Poplar Women's Department , 2nd Floor