2015 Growth & Looking Forward

Wow, where do I even begin? Everyone has their own view on what makes a “good” or “successful” year, but I personally measure it with growth. Am I  better today than what I was yesterday , or in this case am I in a better place this year than the year before? “Growth” is generally identified as something positive, but more often than not we fail to remember that there’s a lot of “growing pains” in between point A to Point B. Before we ring in the new year, I would like to acknowledge not only my accomplishments, but also address some of the growing pains that came along with year 2015 and also what I look forward to in 2016….

2015 was my "recovery" year. I worked and worked and worked and worked to recover from a very numb 2014 after dealing with grief and other emotional situations.  Nonetheless, it was a pretty good year professionally. 

Personally, I felt a huge void. What may seem great to others isn't always great for the one experiencing it all. One of my biggest growing pains this year was to find that perfect work/life balance. I’ve always been a workaholic, I get it from both of my parents. 2015 I knew I desperately needed to seek balance. I  overworked this year, having no time for myself, I put sleep, fitness, health, and beauty on the back burner, and it started to show.  Although I have not perfected this “work/life balance” quite yet, i’m extremely proud to say that I've made tremendous improvements these past few months. 


Then I jumped... I took that big girl jump I had been contemplating for years... I moved to Atlanta. It's like the stars were already aligned for me move to Atlanta, I was just hesitant. You know how the say, "In Your Own Way." My entire family and Amira's support was already here just waiting for me to make that move. Moving to Atlanta from Memphis, was a necessary step  for growth. I know I needed to be very uncomfortable and experience some growing pains to move into the direction needed for me to cultivate this new woman I desire to be both personally and professionally. IT HAS NOT BEEN EASY. My entire clientele was and still is in Memphis. The traveling back and forth, virtual fittings, shipping and such has definitely been a challenge. However, I know challenges make you stronger so I'm willing to push through. 

Looking forward, knowing what it is that I want for myself and what I want to give to others, I've taking time to really evaluate and proclaim what I want for Andrea Fenise , as a woman, mother, friend, and personal brand. Allow me, if you are interested, to share with you 5 of my New Year Goals.


I know social media is now a part of our day to day life. I mean we have to manage Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, what else? But for me it is becoming way too much. I feel like at times I miss out on being present, basking in socializing in real life without the need to "share" every detail of my life. My plan for 2016 is to intentionally experience more and hold  those memories to myself and the people I experience them with. I want to make connecting and socializing with the people I am close to a part of my daily and weekly routine. I look forward to playing with Amira, coffee and lunch dates, and just hanging out cooking with family. 


I am 35 years young and a GROWN woman. I want to make sure from this point on I curate my life. Design a life full of things I love, hone skills that will make me a better woman, experience all life has in store for me and do it stylishly. It's my dream to begin collecting art, timeless fashion pieces to pass down to Amira, make big girl purchases like a live/work space I've dreamt of., host amazing dinner parties and such. 


I firmly believe in being a life long learner. Learning new things allows you to develop into a well rounded and cultured woman. Every year I make myself a curriculum with new skills or techniques to learn that I can directly apply to my business or myself. Just 2 years ago, I taught myself how to sew and look where I am now. 2016, I want to continue learning Photoshop, videography and illustration, but I also want to take a few culinary classes. 


The saying goes "No one will invest in you until you invest in yourself". It's so true! You have to invest your time and money into yourself in order to grow. My bucket list for 2016 definitely has listed,  attend two professional conferences this year, one being a tech/entrepreneurship conference and the other is the MunaLuchi Coteire Retreat. 


Lastly, but of course not least, I have to travel this year. I don't count going back and forth to Atlanta as travel at all. I mean traveling domestic every quarter and one international flight this year. It won't be difficult seeing I have flight benefits thanks to my flight attendant mommy. The problem is finances and peeling away from work. Traveling is like an open book. Seeing other cultures, basking in different architecture, experiencing new food are all inspiring. 


What are some of your plans for 2016? Share them with me, I'd love to hear.