The Weekender : All Work & Play

As an entrepreneur who works like I work a 9 to 5, yes really I do, I look forward to the weekend. Somehow, some way my mind takes a mental break and unwinds or at least not work such a tight schedule. This weekend I plan to create harmony in my schedule... do a little work and play. 



I'm excited to work on a new stationery project after my latest piece went really well. This illustration piece takes me into the direction I've been wanting to go for a while. It's been my goal professionally to have more creative control and do things I really love. Speaking of....


FI-NAL-LY.... I am in a position to work on "my' designs and take the byAndreaFenise in another direction.  This weekend, I'll be working on my Traci bridal jumpsuit for a new client. Plus, I'll be grading out patterns for my sequin blazer to get ready to pass off some of my sewing work. I'm living for this moment because it allows so much more free time to work on other creative projects.  



All creatives have their little quirks and habits. Wanna know one of mine? Watching fashion documentaries while I sew lol. For some reason, hearing French while I sew, watching the premiere sew immaculate gowns, witnessing Raf Simons go through his own emotional ups and downs while creating a collection, helps me. Dior and I  gets me through. 

PLAY @ Atlanta Botanical Gardens Holiday Lights 

I do plan to leave my studio I promise. I heard the Atlanta Botanical Gardens has a really cool holiday light show and I soooooo want to go. I shall!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend. See you next week.