Blueprint 2016 : Vision Mapping Download

As a new year comes around again many of us turn our minds to how we want this one to be different than the last, or the one before that. Making new years resolutions is a tradition which, for many, is a process of committing to a whole slew of things that we either cannot achieve, or don’t know how to achieve.

But at the very base of it, new years resolutions are all about working out the things we need to do to be happier. What will make us more present, more content, more understanding, more contributing? Although it’s tempting to focus on the physical in terms of what we want to look like or have in our closet, over time I’ve come to see that planning the year ahead is more about the things you do rather than the things you have. I guess that’s why this year, more than ever, I’m going to focus on doing more of what I love and helps me design the woman I want to be. 

One vision for myself is to work on personal development that essentially helps mold me into the woman I have envisioned for myself. I took time in the month of November to really reflect on who I am and who I want to be. I wanted to make sure I aligned myself with people and things to do and accomplish that will over time make me a better woman. I guess you can say I put myself through an experiment and a focus group and now over the course of this month I will share with you downloads, challenges, and planners to help you make 2016 amazing. 

Since it's December I thought we would start with some warm up excerises to prepare for the New Year. Let's go ahead and build the stamina and discipline now.