Behind the Seams : Alicia

  Working with Alicia now Mrs. Scull to design and style looks for her wedding journey has been surreal. Let's Go Behind the Veil with Alicia x Andrea Fenise ... 



During our initial bridal consultation, Alicia wanted me to design a bridal shower dress. We talked and laughed and after her excitement, she  added a reception dress look as well. I was over the moon giddy because she granted me free design range. We narrowed the silhouette and fabric type down just to make sure we were on the same page design wise. I was excited as this was my dream come true to design something I wanted to see my bride in versus the normal "I saw this picture lol". 


Alicia and Nick's wedding was an evening wedding and her venue Opera Memphis exuded glam. I visualized something very sleek, glam, and sexy. 



After Alicia received her bridal shower look, she emailed me asked if I "wanted" to make her rehearsal dinner look. I replied "Why yes?! To my surprise, she didn't have any particular specifications and allowed me to design what I desired. 


I thought how gorgeous to reference a "blushing modern bride". Capes are all the rage in bridal trends right now... so many brides are into capes right now. I wanted Alicia's cape look to be feminine and fresh. was! I also styled the look with Style Junkie's statement pearl clutch necklace to well...make a statement. 



Our Behind the Veil journey began with Alicia's bridal shower look . We designed a simple all white dress with an ruffle peplum detail to keep her look glamorous and simple yet classy. 


Behind the Veil is a stylish documentation of a bride's beautiful wedding journey. We go Behind the Veil to tell a story and create memories that will last a lifetime. Going Behind the Veil with a Alicia was a beautiful story of love and dreaming out loud. It was more than a pleasure to design and style her for some of the most memorable moments of her journey as a bride. 

We'd love to capture your Behind the Veil story too. Whether we design your dresses or style you and your wedding party...we'd love to be apart of the journey. Let's talk about your wedding looks.