EVENT : She Who Dares Atlanta

Last week I had the pleasure of attending She Who Dares Atlanta at Bloomingdales Lenox.  My attendance was totally random but the experience and the dialogue came at the absolute right time. I won't do a "oh this person was there and that person" however I will share the powerful points from the event. 

Sitting down in this seat and allowing the words and conversations and emotions from a powerful and dynamic group of women flow through me gave me the courage to dare again. At that very moment, I was emotionally exhausted and to be quite frank ready to call it "quits". But somehow, a few cocktails and conversation, a little shopping, and being around like minded women gives you a zest of "I can do this". 


The daring begins and here are a few points I'd love for you to write down, type in your phone, whatever technique you use to reaffirm yourself.. please do it!


I started with this one for a particular reason. Often times we don't like to turn ourselves inside out because well to be honest we just may not like what's on the inside. But truth is... We must allow ourselves to see ourselves. You may have to accept the "ugly" things about you that no one has a clue about. You know what it does for you, it allows you to work on yourself to become the best person you can be. Life is not about being who you are right now. You don't come ready made. Be willing to let go of the person you are to become the person you can be. 


This point isn't the normal "I'm going to call her out honey and tell her all of the negative things about herself", it's quite the opposite. It's about taking power and authority over your negative thoughts. The I can't do this, I don't have time, the world is against me, you know the thoughts that go through my head all day. Call yourself out means saying "Andrea girl be greateful, you are amazing, you have all of the available resources you need. Find and replace those negative thoughts with gratitude and postive thoughts and affirmations like I'm grateful for these opportunities. 


Your truth is what makes you uniquely you. It is your DNA that only you have. Your truth is what some refer to as your purpose. It is essentially what you have to give..it's what makes you great. Now, finding your truth may not be a seamless and glamorous process. You have to go through something ugly and painful. During the event, references were made to the caterpillar into butterfly and coal to diamonds. The process for finding your purpose may be just as grimmy as the natural process mentioned. However, when you come out you will be bold, living in truth and living on purpose. You will be able to proclaim with power, I'm not leaving any of me at the table. I'm all in. 



Elaboration on this topic is pretty self explanatory but sometimes the idea is worth reiterating. It is nothing like have relationships with other women who are entrepreneurs or professionals dealing with the dynamics of live, living on purpose, and daring to make life great. One key point is will be sure to make is the idea mentioned during the event is simply ALL OF US MAKE SHE. We're in this together ladybugs. 

THANK YOU TO THE EMPOWERING PANELISTS WHO GAVE OF THEMSELVES. Be sure to connect with them via social media and their websites.