Vintage Leather & Fur

Personal Style should be well you know...personal. So personal that it perfectly illustrates who you are, who you aspire to be, and all of things you love. It should tell a story. A LOVE STORY for me. My look today was inspired by a love I've never seen before yet felt so close to. A love that loved without conditions. The love of my grandmother who I never was ever given a chance to meet yet I feel like I've known her all of my life. 

Dorothy Jones, as I was told, was a beautiful, smart, stylish,humble and loving woman. Ever since I could remember I have always been captivated by the stories told of how talented she was. How much of an impeccable seamstress she was. How she was the neighborhood nurse. How she made beautiful gowns for the women in her Homemakers Association in which she was president of.

Those stories told to me by my father. He  cried almost every time he told me the story of how she passed away long before I was ever "thought" of. As I grew older, I became more obsessed with "who" she was. Who I am by knowing who she was. My dad would sometimes stare at me in amazement. It's almost surreal "how much you remind me of my mother" he said.  It wasn't until he left me to be with her again  that I was able to get as close as I ever could to her.  Last Christmas while visiting my dad's sister, she  gave me all of my grandmother's furs as a Christmas  "gift" from my daddy. 

 Andrea Fenise styles vintage fur stole

I can only imagine the floor length ball gowns she wore with her fur stole to galas and dinner parties. I am  channeling Dorothy Jones by adding a fresh take on vintage glamour with modern edge. Timeless classic pieces like a sleek black turtle neck and vintage leather skirt are perfect compliments to lace and furs. 

I get asked all of the time where do I find the passion and the love for fashion and sewing and all things creative. I now am able to tell pieces of the story. I have a stylish, smart and amazing guardian angel in my grandmother. 

Dear Grandma,  

I wish that I could have had the chance to hear your voice.  I really wish I could've had giggled while you tell me stories of my dad as a little boy. I wish that God would have allowed me the chance to sit at your feet and learn to sew. Only you and God have had the conversations about how you would forever watch over me and teach me how to sew in spirit. I'll take that... Love your grandbaby!!! xoxo, Fenise