Behind the Veil : Birks Wedding

We all have that memorable professional moment that we will live to share forever. Well, mine is and will forever first BIG STYLISH wedding. The Birks Wedding it was! 

I was introduced to Rosa through a client of mine Jennifer, which is often times how it goes for me, thankfully. Rosa saw the sequin peplum cardigan I designed for Jennifer and fell in love. She was planning a late summer wedding and was looking for bridesmaids dresses that were modern and contemporary.

The first stage in working with a bride is GETTING INSPIRED. It's so important as the designer to be carry out their vision from the beginning. As always,  I ask my brides to "send me a picture". Often times, it is a Pinterest inspiration overload, which I love. 

Rosa text over several images of champagne and gold sequin bridesmaid dress from 'shabby chic" yet glam weddings. My heart skipped a beat when I opened the message and saw these champagne sequin dresses. I love working with sequin if you haven't noticed. I had just been patiently waiting on the perfect client to come along and be bold enough to wear it. Here comes ROSA.

AHHHHH that back drape was to die for!!! I knew that would be the one constant design aspect that had to be very prominent. 

After conversations about the look for each bride and changes we would make to the dress that best captured her vision, it was time for ANDREAFENISE to get to work. I had to design 9 bridesmaid dresses and a maid of honor. Without the option of fitting bridesmaids due to geographic location, I had to use technological resources lol. I knew the task would be a bit challenging but I was confident to get it done. 

Fabric sourcing presented the greatest issue. We don't have many options of fabric choices locally in Memphis. Thankfully, geography isn't my master! I used a reliable vendor in New York who was so kind to work with me on this project to send swatches, have several phone consultations and work out great pricing options. 

Next after receiving 40 yards of sequin fabric, it was time to get going on constructing the dresses. Before, I risk cutting and making mistakes I make a sample dress with extra allotted fabric. It would be total bummer to cut fabric for all dresses and totally screw up. 

Andrea-Fenise-Sequin bridesmaids

I got right into my stride and cruised control my way through with the help of my lovely design team. 

andrea fenise sequin bridesmaid dresses

My little design jitterbugs were flying everywhere because the fitting was the day of the wedding. I drove down to the wedding in Mississippi with my sewing machines, sewing kit and a couple of prayers in tow. Magically, everything worked out perfectly. 

It was a joy and a great learning experience working on this bridal project. It was a push creatively and logistically but it happened seamlessly. It's so amazing because Behind the Veil was conceived through the Birks Wedding Project. So was the Draped Sequin dress byAndreaFenise... I have literally designed these over and over. I have changed the design just a bit and made it black as well.