Karolina Zmarlak : Work Wear Inspiration

I  have worked from home for the last year in sweats, jeans, ugly sweaters and sometimes pajamas. Prior to working from home in my dream career, I worked in healthcare so we wore scrubs (so very close to pajamas). That's an old life I'd rather not remember. 

Now I have a job in the bridal industry and I actually have to get dressed for work. CAN I GET A WOOT...WOOT!  I can wear real clothes. Dressing for work is highly important to me. I feel like as a bridal stylist I must always look very professional, stylish, yet fashion forward. Lately,  I have browsed style.com for inspiration on easy pieces to make for my work wardrobe. 

I discovered designer Karolina Zmarlak and her Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection. Do I love it? Why of course! See when you aren't "used" to anything you get excited over the simple things. We have a color palette to stay within as far as our dress code goes. However, you are free to express yourself within professional reason. 

The collection has a timeless appeal yet very modern with the cuts and fabrication. I love how Zmarlak didn't use much color at all. Yet, she implemented a lot of texture into the design of the garments. 

I think translating this for work wear attire is perfect. The pieces aren't overbearingly edgy. Her collection is the perfect inspiration collection for a modern and creative professional woman. As Karolina Zmarlak stated, she designs for people "who did things, who were alive."