Latest Bookmark Collection byAndreaFenise

I am inspired by so many things around me. It could be an art collection, a day at the museum, nature, or a book. I drew inspiration for my latest bookmark collection from a fashion collection I am working on.

During my creative research phase, I engulf myself in the work and all of my sources of inspiration. I search for everything possible to inspire me creatively and usually...I GET IT! A trip to the library was all I needed to feel the momentum to get...HELLA INSPIRED. 

 andrea fenise new delhi bookmarks

INDIA, Bombay and New Delhi, have always been cities I have wanted to travel to and experience. Right  now, I am not able to but reading Narcopolis by Jeet Thayil will suffice for right now. The novel is set in Bombay, India and is through a city a magic carpet ride through a city of so many untold stories. 

 andrea fenise new delhi bookmarks

Reading has always been a way to travel the world and bring characters to life through imagining. What better way to savour your reading experiences by marking your pages. I designed my bookmark collection to bring back touches of nostalgia of turning pages and reading print that takes you on a magical ride. 

Each bookmark is ornately handcrafted with fine luxury fabric from local fabric stores. Hold on to the memories and your bookmarks with the detail packaging. Each bookmark is packaged with a branded sleeve and reading catalog card. 

 andrea fenise new delhi bookmarks

Bookmarks are sold individually or take all of them home with you as a set. The collections are designed to be cohesive and interchangeable.