Andrea Fenise x GemPhones

I was so excited when I finally purchased an iPhone for a couple of reasons. One to get with the times and two to look cool like everyone else with earphones. I know lame right? But it's true. People always look so cool wearing earphones. I wanted to too. So, I was too stoked when I officially partnered with GemPhones as a brand ambassador. 

GemPhones is a line of fashionable premium consumer headphones. They are fashion, music, and conversation all in one. Each pair of GemPhones includes a magnetic clasp that allows you to quickly easily and securely remove your necklace. I love anything that works dually as functional and fashionable. They have some really fashion forward earphones with great sound and microphone features. 


Have  to say I looked pretty cool huh? I paired my GemPhones necklace with a metallic sweater and collared shirt. Polka dot and pearl perfection was mastered with my maxi skirt and GemPhones necklace. No need to pile on any extra accessories. 

I love Gemphones so much that I've partnered with them for just for my readers. Experience fashion, music, and conversation. Stop by GemPhones and browse many of their fashion earphones. Don't forget to enter HEYANDREA when you check out for a special discount. It's  only available for two days, Thanksgiving and Black Friday.