Turn a Room into an Outfit

I'm inspired by everything around me. Absolutely everything. I love browsing Pinterest for creative inspiration especially for home interior projects and ideas. As of late, I have been gawking over all of the cool colors and prints in living spaces. Sooooooo my little creative engine started cranking out ideas  and WOOH!  I decided to get creative and turn a room into an outfit using colors and prints to translate into an entire look. Wanna see???

How beautiful and glamourous is this room? I love all of the bold colors and the mix of pink and turquoise with black chevron. Silver accents with beautiful art work and furs is quintessential glam. Now here is my interpretation of the space into an outfit......

I had such a cool time playing around with this concept. Interiors and Fashion are two of my loves. It's pretty fun using everyday things around you to create a different look. I ordinarily wouldn't play with two bold colors like pink and green together. However, taking inspiration from the room was motivating. The colors are subdued a bit with using a black and white accessory like a clutch. I wanted to use a colorful statement necklace to blend all the colors together. 


And of course, I've already played with another room. I think I'm on to a new hobby. Come back next week to see what outfit I created from this gorgeous room. 

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