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Just in case you haven't noticed, I'm on a personal and professional mission to help women design their lives, create what you'd love to see. Let's be completely honest though, life isn't the most kind to us sometimes. We have no choice but to roll with the punches and sometimes they give a good blow. One good thing is you don't have to jump in the ring along. That's where women like Brandy Flynn who come in ringside to give you everything you need to deliver that TKO. 


Brandy has been in the counseling field for over a decade. She has a growing practice and is extending her knowledge and expertise in the consulting aspect.  She has worked in various fields  in counseling from private practice to residential settings. Brandy also does various speaking engagements in references of helping people to become better and recognizing their greatness. 

I asked Brandy for a little bitty favor to give us that  motivational pep talk. After a round of disappointing blows, it's sometimes needed to keep you motivated while pursuing your dreams. 

When I get up in the morning, I think about how I am going to leave my mark in the world. Rather it is with my clients, my mentees, or people that I inspire, at the end of the day I know that I will have touched someone.

You see, I have specific goals that I am trying to obtain in life. At times when I would share my goals, people would laugh at my dreams because they felt that they were not realistic. Had I listened to those who felt that my dreams and goals were unrealistic and gave up, would not be where I am now or traveling the road that is paved for me. I would not have people coming to me for business opportunities, and the doors that are about to be open for me would not exist for me.

You see, when others doubted it, I never doubted myself. I always gave myself the extra push in life to go that extra mile to obtain my dreams. And although my goals do change, they change for the better. I went from wanting my own practice, to wanting to become a mental health counselor in the entertainers and athletes. It appears that every time that I say “hey, I want to do this”, I end up doing it.

You see, I learned that I can’t depend on man to give me uplifting words or to be there to stroke my ego when I do something good. I learned to motivate myself. I tell myself great job, that I can do it that if I get knock down that I can get right back up. A lot of time we feel that we need to have other people to motivate us in order to go that extra mile. But if you don’t motivate yourself, why should others?

You should believe that you will accomplish your dreams, and that your dreams will become a reality. There will be times where you will be the only cheerleader on your squad cheering you on.

We have to learn how to give ourselves a pat on the back and even a high five. If we wait on others to give us affirmation and confirmation on doing a job well done we will never get to where we need to be.

We can not wait on others to build our self esteem to get motivated. We have to go on our path in the frame of mind as if we are in this by ourselves so when we do receive the encouragement of others, it will be

So after you finish reading this post, make sure you tell yourself that you are doing a great job and that great things will come to follow. As long as you motivate yourself, others will soon follow suit.

— Brandy J. Flynn

Do you need more inspiring messages from Brandy? Do you need counseling service? Do you just need someone to talk to ? (It's ok..I had to have talks with her during my grieving process.)  

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