Design the Life You Want : Planning the Dream

Coming into the third week of our Blueprint : Design the Life You Want Series, you should have started with a rough draft of your blueprint as well as created your personal mission statement. Hope you all are well on your way to making the first strides to creating and designing the life YOU want for yourself. If not, let's push yourself a little, motivate yourself to make all of those dreams come true starting NOW. As November ever so gracefully entered in, it's the perfect time to set resolutions toward living all of your dreams.

Last week, I asked you all to revisit your childhood and conjure up all of the things you loved to do as child. What do you remember yourself always doing? I know for me, I was always dancing or playing dress up. When it came time for me to figure out what my adult self really was supposed to do in life it wasn't hard. As an adult we have to remember to be child like, dream, imagine and more so DO WHAT YOU LOVE. 


Have you all just really paid attention to children? They go through their day to day activities in the element, the NOW, simply doing what they love to do. Amira loves to draw, paint, dance, and sing. It doesn't matter what in the world mommy has going on...she DOES WHAT SHE LOVES TO DO. But guess what? We can too! So how are we going to turn the things we love to do into small little dreams, goals, and eventually into the life you want. 

Here's an exercise....

+ What do you do in your free time? 

What you do when you have no obligations? When you have free time on your hands how do you spend it? Are you browsing through Pinterest looking for interior design inspiration? How about visiting museums curating experiences? Are you reading the latest book reviews on Good Reads? Your history in particular internet history is a good indication of what you love to do. How you spend your free time is a direct parallel to what you love to do. 

+ Ask 10 friends...Hey? What do you think I am good at?

Your friends, hopefully, will be very honest with you about what they feel you are good at. They may feel you are the best organizer. They may feel like you are their go to friend for fashion advice. They may feel like you cook the best meals at every dinner party. Take their feedback and turn it into a new hobby that gets you closer to your dream job or career. 


Writing my goals down on paper is like signing a contractual agreement with myself. Seeing my dreams and goals written out on paper makes me more inclined to following through.  I have prepared a series of charts, planners, and documents to help you design the life you want. 


Don't be afraid...write them down no matter how silly they may seem or out of reach. Remember all dreams come true.