Celebrity Inspired Halloween Costumes

Are you last minute deciding what or who you will dress as for Halloween? Well, I surely am. Don't worry you'll be able to join in on the fun by dressing as your favorite celebrity. No need to go to the overcrowded costume shops at all with these costume ideas. Walk straight to your closet, use a little imagination and grab your trick or treat bucket on the way out the door. 


Be "B" for Halloween by pulling out a bold color unitard and a floppy hat 


How about dressing up as the "West's"... You and your beau can easily pull any of the West family looks off for Halloween. 


Wanna be little Miley for Halloween? Just wear a crop bra top, bloomers lol and a pair of Converse don't forget to add your red lipstick 


Kate Middleton would be so fun right?! An easy polka dot dress, a baby doll, and a blanket super easy and fun. 


Going out with your girlfriends for Halloween? Pick your favorite Sex and the City character and have a good time. 

Or...follow my suit and copycat Sarah Jessica Parker's epic tulle skirt look 

Enjoy Halloween, be creative and be safe