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Andrea Fenise is a storyteller and
multidisciplinary creative. 


Since 2009, Andrea has dedicated her career to working at the intersections of creativity, storytelling, and social  impact.

Andrea Fenise is a multidisciplinary creative and social entrepreneur exploring the essence of creativity and influence through impactful stories, events, and experiences at the intersection of creativity, community, and wellness. Using visual storytelling to inspire women who want to create the life of their dreams, and live boldly and harmoniously is where her creative magic lies.

Andrea Fenise realized that her personal influence could go beyond links to beautiful dresses. She wanted to inspire others to use their personal brands and influence to make a change and do good for others.



“I am always the woman after myself.”


In Search of
Our Garden

Andrea Fenise is currently working on her most gratifying project to date, In Search of Our Garden, a lifestyle resource and archival practice. 

After being led spiritually to purchase her great grandmother’s home and land in North Memphis, she is archiving the ways of women before us, rebuilding a legacy home, and helping to restore the community with beautification projects and community experiences.

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