OMG! We have our passports

After years and years of saying and writing on my New Years Resolution list, get our passports, I finally DID! Amira and I both have US Government issued passports!!!!!! The feeling was so surreal as I checked the mailbox and saw two brown envelopes from the U.S. government. I was over the moon ecstatic to know in my hands I held two little books that hold the future to seeing the world. I shared the process of applying for passports in particular with minors in a previous post. If you are interested check it out, I feel there are helpful tips to prepare you to save for it so there will be no excuses and what to expect.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares journey of getting a passport

We were told while applying it would take 6-8 weeks to receive the passports back. However, it was only 3 weeks. I’ve heard other people mention they received theirs in the same time frame. September-November is the best time to apply since its not a busy season of travelers preparing to leave the country on summer vacations and such.

I did want to share this though. Remember I mentioned you have to send your original birth certificates off for anyone applying. I was so nervous that something would happen and I wouldn’t receive our documents back. They were mailed back safe and sound. However, they were not sent back along with the passports. Please keep in mind, you will receive a separate package with the birth certificate documents.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares journey of getting a passport

The sense of urgency for getting our passports all stem from my goal to take Amira to Paris before 40. I am working so hard to get her there in March 2019 if God says the same. Amira is an avid traveler. She express all of the time how much she enjoys flying and the never ending list of countries she’d love to visit. I wanted to wait until she came home from school to allow her to open her package and get her reaction. She was elated!!!!! She wanted to know all about the Visa pages where you get stamped. Of course, she has big girl plans to completely fill her passport book up within the next five years. I shared a quick little video on Instagram, if you’d like to see.


Now that we have passports, It’s time to rev up the travel planning, saving, and creating a list of things to do while in Paris. I’ll be sharing all, I mean, all of the details of saving and budgeting for this trip. Because, I feel it’s important to give and receive advice on saving for international travel. If you have any tips, resources, visited Disneyland Paris or Paris and like to share your thoughts, I’d love them!!!

Of course we are open to seeds being sown to make her 10th birthday a dream. If you’d like to sow a seed, we’d be appreciative.