#40before40: Take Amira to Paris

And so another goal is in progress…Take Amira to Paris before I’m 40. Hopefully, if all of my ducks stay in a cute little row I’ll be able to take Amira before I’m 38 and for her 10th birthday.

I am making a commitment to journal our progress here in the #40before40 series to share as motivation. You guys know what, I have never been to Paris. Gosh, I can’t believe I am saying that with all of the time and resources I have had. With my mother being a flight attendant, there is no reason I don’t have a passport or have traveled to Paris. It’s always been the wrong time and not enough money. During undergrad, I was a broke college student with a full schedule of pointless social events. Pharmacy school just didn’t permit it. I was still broke. Then, I became a mother and become broker.

Now that things are getting better in my financial world a bit and I’ve stopped making excuses, I can finally make my dreams come true. I know from traveling stateside, you really don’t need a massive amount of money to enjoy yourself. Resourcefulness is the key. Plus, I’ll spend a few coins to experience Disneyland in Paris with my pooh baby.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares #40before40 goal to take Amira to Paris

Here in the Take Amira to Paris, I want to share the process of saving, getting our passports with you all, our traveling journey with my mother, and our experience in Paris. Hopefully, it will inspire others like myself who have always restricted our thoughts in traveling the world.


Any tips you’d like to share on traveling abroad? Have you been to Paris?