On Valentine's Day my boyfriend, Daniel, proposed to me. WOW!! I honestly still can't believe it. Like seriously, I am going to be someone's wife. The proposal was quintessentially,  US. It was just he and I like I've always wanted it. I don't like big fiascos and productions OMG, it makes me so nervous. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares 40before40 get married goal

 I will begin sharing more personal notes and blog posts about my #25 40before40 goal on a much deeper level than the idea of just getting married. Here's the thing, I knew I deserved to be a wife. I know in my heart there is a spiritual challenge ahead for me to be a wife and there is a divine purpose in me becoming Daniel's wife. 

I did say this prayer to God and I was very specific in my prayers to God about becoming a wife, the husband that I specifically asked God to find me. This journey will not turn into what's going on now with women being a certain way in order to be ready for a husband. NOT AT ALL. It is more so me showing the outward results of working on myself, the power of manifestation, love, family, joy and happiness---all of which I had to convince myself I too deserved. 

I'm so excited to share this journey of  Getting Married before 40.