I'm sure you can make a well-educated assumption about what this post is all about. It's all good to share when things are good but it is only fair that if you are being fully transparent and taking people on a journey,  you share the bad too. 

A journey, we hear that word quite a lot in millennial narratives (along with narratives). It is defined as an act of traveling from one place to another, meaning going from one place to another. What we don't hear or see is the non-linear, zig, zag, round and around steps in a journey. 

This financial journey of mine to get from one place to another with progression and freedom as my main goal hasn't been a straight shot. I feel like I'm in a traffic jam on 75S in Atlanta. If you drove through Atlanta you know what I mean.  You leave the house fully gassed up, maps show no traffic and then BOOM--- at a standstill. At the beginning of the year,  I was so eager and ready to accomplish this goal of saving $5,000 by December and then everything started distracting me.

Here I am, literally with $500 savings, still sitting in my emergency fund with no forward movement towards the goal. So a quick update, I don't have the full-time employment as before. The biweekly paychecks with a pretty much a set amount aren't coming in. Plus, I have had life changes since the beginning of the year. We got engaged and of course with engagement comes a wedding, maybe. I am now trying to decide should I halt the emergency fund saving switch my route and save for our wedding OR halt the emergency fund to save for a house and not a wedding OR do what I said initially which is save the emergency fund and move towards the next step, whatever that may be. 

So my biggest question, IS WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE? I'm so confused!

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Blogger shares financial journey

I must be honest with myself and others I am sharing this journey with and say that I have a lot of "things to do" financially and don't know the best route. I have money from a tax refund that I could allocate a percentage to my emergency fund to show progression.  I also know that not having a secured check in the form of a 9-5 I can't say for sure I can save a percentage as I did before. I am making income from the two businesses I kept afloat while working the "job" but we know how entrepreneurship is at times. 

I know one thing for sure, I must keep moving forward. I need to visually see myself accomplishing something. I really don't care if it's just $5 dollars here or there. I want to see some things get done. And honestly, I haven't done anything in the last month or so. TOTALLY NOT GOOD. Hopefully, my next update you will see a progression in the savings bar or at least an update on another goal. 

$0 $500
$0 $5,967