We're getting our passports

FINALLY, Amira and I are getting our passports for her Disneyland Paris Birthday Trip. If there is one thing that has prohibited me from saying I have my things together, it is the fact that I nor Amira have passports. It is embarassing for me. Yet, it’s been my reality and my excuse. The truth of the matter is, I haven’t been able to invest in a passport or an international trip for quite some time. Finances and time have been what held me back. As an entrepreneur, I felt like deciding between passports and trips over bills with unsteady income was irresponsible. Times are changing!! They are getting better.


Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares advice on getting passports


  • SAVE FOR YOUR PASSPORT- Listen! If you keep making excuses you’ll never have a passport. A new adult passport is $145 and a minor passport is $115. I’m sure, very sure, I have spent that money a thousand times over with unneccesary coffees and fast food meals. Eliminate a couple of lunches and a coffee a week and you’ll have the money in no time. I saved with Qapital by rounding up change from debit card purchases. Before you know it, I had my cost saved and my mother gifted Amira’s cost.

  • GET YOUR THINGS IN ORDER- The process of getting a passport is not extremely difficult. You just need to make sure you follow a couple of procedures and have your documentation. First, we completed the passport application online and printed it out. You must then make an appointment with the USPS to process the application and have it sent off. I opted to get our photo taken at the post office for convenience. However, you can get passport photos taken at Walgreens or other retailers who provide the service. Be mindful there is an additional cost for photos. Along with the application, we needed to bring the original birth certificates for both of us and a color photo ID, drivers license works. And, they keep the birth certificates and mail them back to you.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Parenting Blogger shares process of getting passports
  • MINORS— If you are applying for a passport for your children, both parents have to be present unless you have documentation showing you have sole authority. There are provisions in the case both parents can’t appear. I’m not an expert on that so take a look at USA.GOV site to be sure you are abreast of documents needed for minors.

  • WAIT FOR IT- The postal service does everything for you. They accept your application and send everything off for you. I was informed that it takes about 6 weeks to get the passport book. Now, there are options available for expedited and same day passport applications. I know that Atlanta and Little Rock are options, if you needed a passport the same day. I didn’t go that route so I can’t expound on the process.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares getting passports

The process of getting our passports thus far has been pretty easy. Honestly, I should have done it a long time ago. But, I just didn’t feel I had it all together. The reality is you may never have it all together. That’s why I started documenting all of my dream goals in this #40before40 series. I wanted to show myself that so goals, big or small, were not being accomplished because of excuses and fear. I didn’t associate my fear of money being the largest contributing factor of not having a passport. Yes, I paid $292.40 for our passports but the experiences we will have will be priceless.

We’re one step closer to getting to Paris for Amira’s 10th birthday!!!!

P.S. Please excuse Amira’s hair. Every black mother knows the struggle of “afterschool” hair. Oh and one more thing, if you’d like to start saving with Qapital, sign up and automatically get $5.