I Run Nashville

It’s 7:36 am in Nashville. While my husband and the kids are dreaming of sliding down waterfalls at Nashville Shores, I ran Nashville.

Vacationing doesn’t halt my marathon training progress. Every day counts! Every mile matters!!! I’ve been a good roll this week logging miles with my Nike Running Coach App. I want to keep it up too.

I laced my shoes, nursed Jasiel, put him back down for a quick nap and hit the pavement. I did take a couple of precautions prior to though. I scanned the area around our hotel to make sure it wasn’t sketchy and I also shared my location with my husband


As I resumed exercise after the baby, I knew I wouldn’t be able to just start where I left off before getting pregnant. It would take time and discipline. I really need some sort of coach or accountability partner. Instead of hiring a coach or searching for friends to run with I optimized the features on the Nike Running App. The Coach Feature has a schedule of guided runs depending on my training goals and abilities. Today’s run was a 1 mi at 13”40 per mile.


Everyone’s running journey begins for different reasons. It may be to lose weight or as a new hobby. My journey began as a form of mental self care. And 20 years later, it still the reason why I lace up. I am able to quiet the noise and really listen to myself and allow my thoughts to flow.

My run in Nashville reminded me of my discipline and commitment to myself and my goals. No matter where I am or what I’m going through, I find a way to work through it. Discipline is what gets you there—to your goal or your dream. Being disciplined in running has helped in all other aspects of my life. It teaches you endurance and how to push through plateaus of comfort. Nothing will come easy— extra mileage or success in a project. It takes you habitually committing to training and working for what you want.