Taking herbs seriously!

I’m really not sure when my love of herbs began. From a very early age, I’ve been fascinated with plants and flowers. I remember the euphoric feeling seeing spring and summer blooms and sucking sap from honeysuckle flowers. The magic of flowers and plants entranced me. I began reading about all of the ways plants can heal people naturally. I knew somehow and someway that I wanted to heal people one day. After taking the path of pharmacy and synthetic medicine, I was introduced to herbalism subtly in a compounding pharmacy class. In that class, I was introduced to making salves and creams. From there my creative portal was opened. I wanted to use my love of flowers and plants alongside my pharmacy background to make something of my own.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares 40before40 goal of opening an

After years of being reading, gardening, and experimenting with making products, I wanted more. It’s perfectly okay to be self taught. I just wanted to have some formal and structured experiences. So, I signed up for my first course with The Herbal Academy. One day while scrolling through Instagram , I came across an ad from The Herbal Academy about a 4 week course. I seized the opportunity!! The Herbal Academy in my opinion is perfect. They offer so many courses tailored to the path you are on in studying herbalism. From beginner courses to an Entrepreneur Course in Herbalism, there are endless resources available to help leverage my knowledge in herbalism.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Wellness Blogger shares taking a course with The Herbal Academy

In this short amount of time, I’ve learned more about herbalism and ways to use some herbs I didn’t really know. Prior to the course, I hadn’t worked with infusions and tinctures. It’s my hope to more magical recipes to my arsenal to use within my apothecary. Actually, I’ve started by crafting a calendula infusion that I will be using to make several salves. I used tips and the knowledge gained from my course to source the calendula and develop a recipe. I’m so excited about the path ahead. Just wanted to share with you and keep you updated as I work towards opening an apothecary before 40.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares a post about taken courses at The Herbal Academy