Getting Down to Business en Espanol

It’s not that I haven’t taken learning Spanish serious you guys. Because trust me I have. Quite a few things have happened over the past couple of months that have made me really hard commit to being fluent.

First thing, my husband has started refusing to speak to me in English unless I just really can’t get it. I have to admit it was frustrated in the beginning. Now, I realize how much it has helped me to build my conversation skills. For so long, I have been able to understand conversations but struggle with building sentences to have completely fluid back and forth conversations. Secondly, we now own land in Puerto Vallarta. We will be traveling and conducting business for the farm and the land. My husband has let me know that I will have to get dual citizenship. Which means for me, I have to be able to speak Spanish fluently in order to interact and transact business in Mexico. Now, I have really buckled down and got down to business with being fluent. I made a few changes to my learning schedule and how I am learning to be more disciplined and structured in my efforts.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Lifestyle Blogger

The reality is learning a new language takes commitment, discipline and structure. I noticed that the more I practiced and found a way to build my vocabulary consistently the better I spoke. I was still seeking a way to be more intentional. I searched high and low on the internet and even in the library for Spanish curriculums and methods to reinforce my learning methods. I desired to feel like I was studying Spanish to reach a goal say a fluency test or something. NADA! One day I decided to use my resources and ask a friend of mine if she was still using her textbook from her Spanish class and more so did she have a curriculum or like objective schedule. The curriculum and schedule was really what I needed. She said YES and handed me her entire Spanish folder.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Lifestyle Blogger shares a spanish learning curriculum

With so much going on in my life managing business, my household and my family, I literally have to block in time for everything. Now that I have a Spanish schedule and curriculum to refer to I can get the most out of my lessons and time. I know exactly what days I’m sitting down for Spanish, topics I’ll work on and mastery skills. I follow the curriculum to the “T” by even doing the homework and preparing for “tests”. There was a quote I found online while looking for a curriculum that really helped push me toward this learning method. “The key to a successful learning environment is structure”.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger and Memphis Lifestyle Blogger shares a spanish learning curriculum

Now, I sit down every morning on scheduled learning days either with food or a snack and dive into the lesson plan. I actually have a Spanish notebook that I write in and use supplement auditory lessons. I print worksheets off to help with the subject matter I’m working on as well. It may seem like a lot or that I’m being a nerd but speaking another language especially Spanish before 40 is a really important goal of mine.