Garden is spiritual. It manifests every spiritual reference - GOD, NATURE, CREATIVITY, LOVE, & FAITH. It is something you must witness yourself to have that transformative aha moment. Just sit still and soak it all in, you began doing the work when it’s cold and the very end  of dreary winter to prepare for this rebirth. With immense faith you diligently plant seeds into the most detailed creative body of work, nature I’m speaking of, that only with Gods creative efforts will magically transform to seedlings and plants to bear fruit and vegetables to nourish your body, mind and spirit. 




60 days ago I planted squash, onions, and spinach seeds from a place of challenge. I successfully grew plants from nurseries last year. I did an amazing job as a first time gardener with no knowledge at all. I realized I had an innate gift that was passed down to me by my mother— the ability to talk to plants and magically make them grow abundantly. Could I do that same “hocus pocos”  with seeds though?? 

One Saturday evening right at dusk I planted rows of seeds just knowing they would sprout almost instantly.  

CHILE PLEASE? They didn’t and I began to get discouraged. I felt like I would continue to have to buy plants and it’s not what I felt like would allow me to come into my own as a gardener. I shifted my focus towards the plants but still dutifully gave my seeds water and sat them more direct in the sun. Then I said a little prayer to and for them. I said “I know y’all are in their working on our magic and just waiting for the right time so I’ll have a little more faith.”

I came out yesterday morning to stare at all of my vegetables with adoration and heard Daniel say, “It’s time to transplant that one”. 

Quickly I responded, “Which one?” Ya’ll my squash seed literally overnight grew into a plant. WOW!!!  



So today I have successfully grown a seed to a plant that is ready to be transplanted. It’s my goal to give a few plants away in hopes that I can share my love of gardening with someone else so they can witness of the spiritual gifts gardening keeps unselfishly.