Just Run....

My mind races all day long UNTIL I run. Seriously! I have a worrying and anxious spirit and the only time I am truly at peace is while running. 

Let’s go backwards so I can share how I started running. During high school, I was on the dance team and was fairly active weighing in at about 112-115. I went to college and Lawd I gained Freshman 20. I had never been that big and was uncomfortable. I started really not liking how fat my face was or that every time I sat down I unbuttoned my pants. I came home one weekend from school and ran into an old neighbor and she said “Oh Fenise, you’ve gotten so fat”. I felt terrible and lazy. I should have never gotten fat like that. I know! Never would I have thought I would become that girl with a body image disorder but I did. 

Summer came and I began doing something about it. I wasn’t going to wade in the waters of self pity. After summer school Biology classes before I went into work waiting tables at the Peabody, I hit the pavement running downtown. Never had I ran before! I just started running away from the thoughts of unhealthiness, being fat and not liking my body. 

19 years later, a couple of half marathons later, pushing Amira in a Jeep jogging stroller still through downtown Memphis streets, I find peace in running. 


Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares #40before40 Run A Full Marathon Goal 

The thing I find so thrilling about running is the high. The high you get after you reach a threshold that gives you energy to keep going to push yourself pass your limitations. Every run, I try to push myself either to go a little faster or a little further. It has been a direct parallel to my approach of designing a life for myself. 

After every goal I set for myself is accomplished, I make another. I push myself a little further. Now I have a goal to RUN A FULL MARATHON. 

Running a marathon for me is huge! I remember my first half like it was yesterday. I didn’t train a lot. It was a spare of the moment thing but I smashed it. I ran, sat in my stride and pace and felt like the world stood still for me. The birds sang a special song for me. And all of the world cheered for me. I want to feel that same feeling adding an extra few miles in. Lol! 

so, here’s to sharing my race journey, training tips, running gear and diet.