Sowing Seeds Digitally

Much of our lives is lived through screens whether it’s 5x something cell phone screen or a computer screen, every facet of our lives it seems is influenced by what we see digitally. Technology has changed our lives for good mostly, I believe.  

I now can pay bills through my cell phone, have conversations at an instant not just when I get home lol, but mostly human interaction through digital screens has transformed my life. I have built a sustainable career from online businesses and social media. Not just the career, I’ve met some amazing people who I share my story and purpose through character length paragraphs. WOW!

Often times, I’m blown away by the exchange of inspiration we share when clicking “post” or “submit”.  How sending words or ideas through the internet space reaches people, still has me in awe. 

The beginnjng days of blogging still has me captivated. Back then in blogging, people would share simple steps in pursuit of a journey with complete strangers on the World Wide Web. I would wake up early before pharmacy school to watch the progression of other’s journey and feel like at the end of completion I watched my BFF in my head who lived all the way in New York reach a goal. 

Now look at me, that person sharing a journey and women like Tiua Bowie following along and sowing seeds to help me see it all come to fruition. 

Here’s the stor, Tiua reached out to me via Facebook to book a fabric sourcing consultation.  I had a million and one things going on and forgot to message her back. So after I finally sat down I responded answering her question but didn’t feel the need to invoice her. Why? Because I felt like it would take me more one to actually type up an invoice when I could just answer her question. She said “ I don’t mind paying”. Jokingly I said, “No girl but you can donate to my garden fund”. 

Ya’ll she did!!!! She PayPal and generous donation to my garden fund. Here I am sharing my story, both of us are literally sowing seeds and I am making progress towards a full vegetable garden.  

Look at how this digital world is changing lives, inspiring people and connecting us all. So here I am with rosemary, cucumber, squash, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, and zucchini that is already planted and just waiting to grow.