40 BEFORE 40

My birthday has come and gone and this one was a special one. I turned 37 and while I am so happy to look good and feel good, there are so many things I feel like I need to do in particular before I turn 40. I feel behind like I have to sprint through the last few years of this decade. I am adamant about curating the woman I want to be so I made a special challenge, 40BEFORE40. I have to get some things done. You know! I am sharing this journey with you so that hopefully it inspires you but also to have some special accountability partners too. 

Andrea Fenise Memphis Fashion Blogger shares 40before40 journey

40 BEFORE 40


1. Take swimming lessons

2. Save an emergency fund

3. Start a 401k

4. Enroll in culinary school

5. Take Amira to Paris

6. Go to Africa at least twice

7. Live in another country

8. Write a book about my life.

9. Open an apothecary

10. Go camping

11. Take a road trip across a coast in an RV.

12. Run a full marathon

13. Go to Mexico

14. Speak Spanish fluently

15. Film my dream documentary for YouTube

16. Write a self help book for young girls

17. Stand in the ocean

18. Visit a jungle in South America

19. Visit a chiropractor to realign my body

20. Get a soul contract reading


21. Grow a full garden

22. Host a garden dinner party

23. Grow a flower garden

24. Visit a bee garden

25. Get married

26. Sing in public

27. Start a collection of luxury vintage pieces to pass to Amira

28. Open another business

29. Become full time self employed again

30. Start saving to buy a house

31. Write a letter to someone telling them to fuck off

32. Write another letter apologizing

33. See a Broadway play

34. Go on a solo vacation trip

35. Get a pen pal. 

36. Learn how to make sushi

37. Make a gown for an ALIST celebrity

38. Make a Amira a coffee table book of her portraits 

39.  Decorate a full ancestral altar

40. Learn how to code